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Freshness is the key to great food.

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The Menu Consultation:
We begin with a phone call or face to face meeting to discuss your event.  We will take the time to discuss various menu options and discuss a budget for the catered affair.

We talk about the guests and the event.  What is the theme of the event and who will be attending?  Is this a personal or business event?  How many people will be attending?  These and several questions will help us create a unique menu for a successful event.

Catering With Peace of Mind
You can relax, knowing that the menu has been planned and I will take care of the details.  You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing what the budget is and what to expect from your caterer before, during, and after the event.

The Food
Of course, the food is the focus.  We, of The Casual Gourmet, have had years of experience in a variety of settings and culinary expertise.  You can rest assured, the food will be delicious and the presentation will be top shelf.

From a casual gathering of friends, to catering for 100’s, know that we will take great care in the preparation and delivery of your food to it’s destination.